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Letter: Carpentersville Logistic Park

The Carpentersville Board is entertaining a Carpentersville Logistic Park at the busy corner of Binnie and Randall Road in unincorporated Kane County. This intersection is rated as one of the most dangerous in Kane County. It is also across the street from the Dundee Township Zoo and Golf Course and backs up to a residential area.

We have attended multiple meetings to protest this misplaced development that will pollute our air and drinking water as well as add to our nightmare traffic. We have heard complaints from board members thinking we are picking on Carpentersville for this Logistic Park when we said nothing about the monstrosity being built in Algonquin at the corner of Long Meadow and Randall. My response to this is there is a total lack of transparency between these boards and villages. I never heard of the Algonquin development until the buildings started to be erected. If we had known about this development we would have been in Algonquin as well. There has to be a better way to educate the public so we can register our concerns.

It also is a reckless approach to development when these developers go to town to town looking for the best deal without any concern to their surrounding neighbors. There should be a more regional approach that allows for smart development that doesn’t hurt those of us that will have to live with short sighted business developments. These warehouses have already seen significant downturn and could soon be like the empty strip malls that were popular last decade. Please vote this development down.

Michelle Kingsbury


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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