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Letter: Common-sense policing

To the Editor:

This past Memorial Day weekend, more than 50 people were victims of gun violence in Chicago. Fifty-one, in total. Those numbers and the daily headlines say a great deal about the lack of leadership available from Gov. Pritzker and the Chicago mayor.

Without a doubt in my mind, public safety is on the ballot this November. On one side of the issue you have Pritzker and Mayor Lightfoot supporting policies that prioritize criminals over law-abiding citizens. While on the other side, you have Republican gubernatorial candidate Richard Irvin who in addition to promising to tackle crime with a hands-on approach has received endorsement after endorsement from law enforcement groups throughout the state.

After two years of watching some elected Democratic policies dismantle law and order and encourage criminal activity, I’m siding with police. Their endorsement of Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin speaks volumes considering law enforcement officers witness the effects firsthand, and the truth is they’re even more tired of failing pro-criminal policies than residents. The police are supposed to protect communities from bad actors, but instead Democratic policies force them to become accomplices for the revolving door of criminals.

Too bad some elected Democrats are more concerned with protecting criminals than right-minded and principled individuals.

Aurora is the second-largest city in Illinois and under Irvin’s leadership, it’s one of the safest in the country. Irvin will bring that kind of accountability to the governor’s office.

As a former prosecutor and the current Mayor, Irvine refused to allow “defund the police” rhetoric to distract from the issue of public safety. Instead of crippling under the pressure, he called in the National Guard and I know he will bring that same tough on crime frame of mind when elected governor. From speaking to friends and family, I know that’s what folks are most concerned about and I’m thankful that unlike the Pritzker, Irvine still believes in common-sense policing.

Just like we found out how much we need the police, I hope residents realize just how desperately we need Richard Irvin to be the next governor of Illinois.

Dwight Baird

Kendall County Sheriff


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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