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Letter: Consider the future of your children

To the Editor:

I have worked as an environmental engineer for over 40 years. As you can imagine, a lot has changed over that time frame. I doubt that I heard of the term climate change in 1982. It certainly was not something I was concerned with back then. It is definitely something I am concerned about now.

At 68 years old, I could escape the devastating effects of global warming on our planet. However, I have grave concerns over the future of my children and my grandchildren. Unfortunately, too many people, including our government officials, have not taken this issue seriously over the years, and each year that passes by makes it that much more difficult to correct.

I live in the 14th Congressional District in Illinois. Lauren Underwood lists Environment and Energy as one of her priorities. She states on her website “The science is clear: we are on an alarming trajectory in which our climate is changing, presenting an existential threat to our environment, our national security, our health, and our economy.”

I absolutely agree with this statement. You do not need to be a scientist to understand what is happening. Just one example: Florida was recently hit by a devastating hurricane. The frequency and power of hurricanes, which are fueled by warm water, has been ever increasing as the result of global warming. The cost of Hurricane Ian has been estimated at $42 billion on the low end. Hurricane Katrina caused $160 billion in damages and over 1,800 people died.

Please consider the future of your children and your grandchildren when you vote. Re-elect Lauren Underwood in the 14th Congressional District.

Bob Mehrens


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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