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Letter: Do better at educating us

During the second anniversary of the violent attack on our capital, I was shocked that not a single article or blurb was seen in the Northwest Herald’s Friday, Jan. 6, edition, nor a word about the Presidential Citizens Medal ceremony, which honored the heroes who defended the republic, the Constitution and democracy itself, on that fateful dark day in American history.

Not a word reminding and educating your readers about the nearly 1,000 criminal prosecutions and hundreds of convictions for assaulting police officers, breaking and entering, criminal destruction of government property, even seditious conspiracy to overthrow the United States, and the votes of We the People, the majority.

Nothing about how our fellow citizens were duped by a pathologically lying conman, fraudster and traitor to his oath of office. Citizens radicalized by the big lie of MAGA and Qanon conspiracies, brainwashed into committing a violent insurrection to keep their cult leader in power, exemplify how fascism is taking root in America.

No mention about how the twice impeached and disgraced former president used stochastic terrorism techniques to incite his supporters.

Neither is there any recollection of the espionage that followed his failed coup, in which he stole and disseminated classified top secret and nuclear documents.

Please do better at educating our fellow neighbors, citizens and voters.

Bob Janz


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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