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Letter: Donald Trump caused this

To the Editor:

Open your hearts and minds to the truth.

The attack on our Congress is a result of President Trump’s lies.

Even before the election, he said that the only way he would lose was if there were election fraud. He said similar things before the 2016 election.

The president has been lying since he announced that he was victorious on the late evening of Election Day. He and his supporters have lied so much that now millions believe that the president has been cheated out of a victory.

This has been disproven in more than 60 court cases. Judge after judge, both Democrat and Republican, along with many state officials, have found no proof of widespread election fraud.

We recently learned from a former White House spokesman that their own internal polling indicated that President  Trump was going to lose the election. Their only surprise was that they planned on winning Georgia.

The reality is that President Trump was actively trying to discard the votes of tens of millions of American voters. Now, we sadly have observed some of his supporters trying to destroy one of our sacred institutions and an innocent Capitol policeman has lost his life as a result.

It is past time to stop this madness before we risk losing our democracy.

Donald Noonan

Crystal Lake

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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