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Letter: Don’t approach eagles or let pets give chase at viewing sites

To the editor:

I have been taking photos of the eagles at the dams for 12 years now. When the river freezes and the water is low there are lots of eagles feeding on the fish that die in the winter or they catch sheepheads that move up to the dam.

We have a lot of nests around our area having two or three chicks every year. The numbers multiply fast, so there are actually hundreds of local eagles that gather at our dams. They don’t mate or nest there, but they do perch, feed, socialize, learn, find mates, play, and fight over food.

Sometimes they catch a dropped fish in flight. Sometimes they get their talons stuck and they fall in the river. If you see this call for help.

By far the best place to get photos or see action is at the lower dam. It is best to stay by your vehicle. If someone walks down the bank or to the point at Lawrance Park, most of the eagles leave and are slow to come back. Yesterday there was about 100. Someone spooked them and today there was 50.

You can pull up next to an eagle at the lower dam and they will stay, but if you move toward them trying to get a phone pic, they will flee. If you are patient, they will grab fish right in front of you or fly over your head. (Watch out for falling fish).

Please do not walk past the signs and fence, it ruins it for everyone. Please don’t let your dogs run loose to chase the eagles. December 21 is when they start to show up in great numbers until about the end of winter.

David J. Tackett, Sterling

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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