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Letter: Don’t want an investigation

To the Editor:

The May 26 Kendall County Record had an article summarizing the views of five Republican candidates for the 14th Congressional District who all seemed to agree that the House January 6 Committee is a waste of time and that we need to just move on. Wow! What we know for sure, from many of the insurrectionists already charged and sentenced, is that Donald Trump encouraged a crowd of uninformed, gullible and unstable people to storm the Capitol in an attempt to subvert democracy so that he could remain in power

The committee’s upcoming televised hearings and the ongoing Justice Department investigations will likely implicate a number of other individuals in Congress and in the prior administration who also conspired with Trump to overturn the election results.

Can you imagine the uproar if the Democratic candidate had lost the election and encouraged his supporters to storm the Capitol? That, of course, would not have happened because Joe Biden is a moral and law-abiding person. And, while we’re on the subject, why are all these Republicans defying the Congressional subpoenas and refusing to testify about what they know? Seems like they’d be eager to come before the committee and exonerate themselves. It’s no wonder these Republicans running for office don’t want an investigation. They must think voters in Illinois’ 14th Congressional District are pretty stupid.

Dixie Gump


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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