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Letter: Drag show a mockery of womanhood, female sexuality

To the Editor:

I did not see (The Queens drag performance), but from the numerous pictures in (the April 16 Sauk Valley Weekend), it seems that the show made a mockery of womanhood and female sexuality.

As a woman and a Christian, I am disgusted by the favorable coverage of the show. To me, the whole idea of the show seems insulting and downgrading to women.

I believe that, as the Bible says, God created women to be companions and helpers to their husbands (Genesis 1:26-28, 2:18-21). I think that God made women sexually attractive to their husbands so that the human race would continue. Since “The LORD is good…” (Nahum 1:7), I’m sure it’s not part of God’s plan for women to flaunt their sexuality, or for men to mimic it.

I don’t think we need that kind of “entertainment” in our community.

Alice Brill, Sterling

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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