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Letter: Healthcare and bankruptcy

I am writing to express dismay at what happens to people in the U.S. when they become ill. Naturally we all hope we’ll never be subject to a debilitating injury or illness, but the fact is millions of Americans are suffering from illnesses and injuries that prevent them from living productive fulfilling lives. The assumption is that health insurance, either through your employer or the Affordable Care Act, will cover the bulk of your expenses. Sadly, neither will save you from massive debt accumulated due to deductibles and lack of coverage for the massive costs of medical treatment. Regardless of party affiliation we all are subject to a system that favors the insurance industry. Everyone loves their doctors and nurses, but nobody has warm feelings for their insurance company. It is time we move to the system all the major industrialized nations have. I have participated in parades around McHenry County in support of Universal Healthcare and displayed a sign that reads “You shouldn’t go bankrupt if you get sick.” Many people who read the sign start nodding heads in agreement. You work hard for your money and hope to have enough left to keep afloat in your old age. Republicans state they will end the Affordable Care Act if they regain power. Please support candidates like Bill Foster, Brad Schneider, Jan Schakowsky, Lauren Underwood and Tammy Duckworth who are looking out for your interests and not the insurance industry.

Dave Trost


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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