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Letter: How did politics come to this?

To the Editor:

During his tenure in the White House, President Franklin Roosevelt once stated, “Nothing happens in politics by chance or coincidence.”

Such an opinion can facilitate the circumvention of the law in our once-mighty constitutional republic. Following the raid on Donald Trump’s home, someone asked me, “How did it come to this?”

For quite some time, many of us have opted to be rather apathetic, especially in our electoral process.

The Telegraph reported the results of the Tuesday, June 28, election. In Lee County, 5,506 of 21,612 eligible voters cast a ballot. When only 25.5% of voters participate, professional politicians are enabled to behave like immature students involved in a cafeteria food fight.

The events at Trump’s home accomplished one objective: it motivated his base of support in the Republican party for Election Day (Tuesday, Nov. 8).

People are fed up with all the nonsense and will show up at the polls to vote on their views of inflation, higher food and gas costs, just to name a few issues.

See you all on Election Day.

Mark Maronde


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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