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Letter: Immodesty involved in exhibitionism

Sexual orientation isn’t the issue; sexual pandering is. Whether straight or gay, the flaunting of sexuality simply doesn’t belong in Christmas parade (Taylor, Texas) or in any public setting. The real offense is gross immodesty involved in exhibitionism. Subjecting children to it magnifies the offense and makes parenting all the more difficult.

In 1965, on a flight from Chicago to Atlanta, on my way back to my U.S. Army base at Ft. Benning, Georgia, I met a stewardess and asked her for a date. She accepted and told me that she wanted to see a new, unique, review, at a private Atlanta venue of men dressed as women and the hook was that one of these actors was an actress and at the finale there would be a reveal of real vs. fake. So, before I even new the term drag queen, we went and I chalked the experience up as a waste of my time and my money and that was my first and last date with a stewardess.

Robert Gebhardt


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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