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Letter: Insanity in Springfield

To the Editor:

Gov. JB Prtizker announced recently that his budget passed and Illinois is healthy and is paying its bills on time. He tells us that along with his fellow Democrats in state government they have been able to undo the damage that former governor Bruce Rauner created during his tenure in Springfield.

What in the heck is Pritzker talking about? Rauner could not create a positive or negative situation during his term even if he decided to do so.

Rauner along with a few other Republicans who served as the head of this state had to operate under the thumb of Democratic super majorities. For all of you who do not understand what a super majority is, this information is for you. A Democratic super majority controls the state Senate and congressional districts. Republicans can’t pass or stop anything regarding legislation in Illinois.

Pritzker continues to take credit for everything in this state that might look like a positive election year issue. We all recognize this hyperbole, but voters never look closely at candidates in their area; they simply go to vote for a Democrat and never think about the most corrupt political legislature in the country. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome.

Don Lass


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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