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Letter: Keep American soil sovereign

Every lover of liberty must awake from their misguided slumber. As if the domestic depredations upon Roe v. Wade and our freedom of movement are not enough, coupled with intense inflation, economic stratification, racial inequality, mounting fentanyl overdoses and voter suppression, America faces authoritarian attacks on our own soil. In Oklahoma, and bastions of agriculture across the nation, Chinese nationals continue to acquire American farms. Through no coincidence, these land purchases are located by critical military bases. The Chinese Communist Party attacks the United States, through their depraved dictates, and continues to seize hundreds of thousands of acres equivalent to the size of Iowa. This is only the beginning of Chairman Xi’s thousand year war against the historical miracle of liberal democracy. Our leaders must take immediate action to secure our already weakened food and drug supply following the global pandemic. Not only must we return ownership of all farmland to Americans, but the Congress must pass legislation to prohibit Chinese nationals from buying one more inch of our precious land. Our leaders must live by our principles and return American real estate and rights to our people. If we wish to remain free, we must protect the valuable farms and resources that preserve life.

Henry Wilson


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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