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Letter: Lack of turn lane

To the Editor:

I am writing regarding the intersection of Mill and Orchard roads in Oswego. For years now, the westbound direction of Mill has lacked a right-turn lane. Right turns are allowed and all other directions of travel have right-turn lanes.

This is a daily annoyance as it only requires one car going straight across Orchard to stop multiple vehicles for minutes. This all sounds trivial, and maybe is, but there is no need for this daily annoyance. There is plenty of excess property north of the right lane to add a turn lane. The sidewalk is positioned well away from the curb.

The reason I am writing is because there has been much activity recently on Mill. A new development is being built on the south side of the street. Once completed, the traffic volume will undoubtedly multiply and the lack of a right-turn lane will become unbearable.

Don Crafts


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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