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Letter: Laws that deny our right of self-defense criminalize honest citizens

Terrible things have been done when guns are used by bad people. The terror of school shootings and murder of children is monstrous. Our news organizations do a credible job of reporting those all too frequent events. Rarely, however, do the hundreds of lives saved annually by gun owners make the news. Those intentional omissions support the media’s ongoing narrative that guns are used only for evil.

A contrary view was held by those wise men who framed our Constitution. Also, by millions of today’s Americans. It is not coincidental that the right to bear arms is second only to our right of free speech. The Second Amendment gives us our only means to protect ourselves. Not just from the monsters in society, but from the government. The belief that government can be trusted to allow the freedoms of speech, assembly, religion, redress from abuse, or the right to personal property, without the people’s ability for self-defense, fails any awareness of human nature or the lessons of history.

Taking away our ability of self-protection is astoundingly, dangerously idiotic and not the solution. Rather, other methods should be adopted. Allow no unauthorized entrance to schools. Provide security through technology and trained, armed personnel. Repeal gun-free zones that make schools defenseless targets. Elect judges and prosecutors who will lock away violent criminals. Fire those who put monsters back on our streets. Laws that deny our right of self defense will only criminalize honest citizens. Monsters obey no laws.

Craig Grant


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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