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Letter: One man’s opinion

To the Editor:

First, I do not condone rioting.

I didn’t when the rioting, looting and fires were running rampaging through Seattle, Philadelphia, Minneapolis and other cities and was dismayed by the lack of condemnation of the actors.

In fact, there were some, in political power, who praised the rioters.

There are those who couldn’t wait to fix the blame and Trump was the obvious target.

Speaker Pelosi acts like she just learned a new word and insist of using it as often as she can: “Impeachment.”

That surely will bring unity to our nation.

Sadly, there was not one voice who tried to understand the why of it all.

This nation was founded on free speech but there are those whose position is so powerful they have taken it upon themselves the authority to determine what speech is acceptable and which is not and effectively silence the unacceptable.

The frustration with the current situation, of not being listen to, or considered important enough to have a say, had reached the boiling point and the take over of the capitol resulted.

There were those whose aim was destruction, but the vast majority were peaceful demonstrators.

But back to my point.

There has not been anyone in leadership who has stopped to consider the why of it all. If you won’t admit you have a problem, you can’t possibly solve it.

The polls suggest the American people rate our Congress at 11% performance level.

Addressing that might be a place to start.

Is Congress so isolated that they have forgotten what their job is?

To my knowledge, there has not been a member of our government that has left their position poorer than when they began. Where does that money come from?

They pass laws that benefit themselves and preclude themselves from living under the same laws the rest of the population is required to.

It is past time for the Congress to stop posturing and start performing to the benefit of the American People.

I could sign this as 1776, but…

Bill McElman

Lake in the Hills

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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