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Letter: Polls vs. results, election not stolen

To the Editor:

Before the Nov. 3 national election, there were weeks and weeks of polls. Averaging the results of a multiplicity of independent polls (13 by Real Clear Politics) gives the populous some idea of how the election results would turn out.  

Using the skills of reason, rationality, and critical thinking, one can conclude that an election was not stolen by the winner if the results are not generally better than the prediction of the polls in the battleground swing states.

Nationally, the polls predicted that Biden would win the popular vote by plus-7.2 but he won by only 4.5% of the total vote. That is evidence that the results are not due to stolen votes.

How did Biden do in the 12 battleground swing states?

In just two states (Minnesota, Georgia), Biden had more votes than the polls predicted.

In two states (Nevada, Pennsylvania), Biden matched the polls.

In three states which Biden won (Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin), Biden’s election results were worse than the polls predicted.

In four states (Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas) which Biden lost, he did not get enough votes to beat Trump (to be redundant).

Two states (Georgia, Florida) switched political parties from prediction to result. Florida switched from Democrat plus-0.9 to Republican plus-3.3 (a big Republican increase of 4.2%) and Georgia switched from Republican plus-1.0 to Democrat plus-0.3 (A slight Democratic increase of 1.3%).

The above election results are evidence that the election was not stolen by the Democrats. No wonder over 60 lawsuits were rejected by the courts.

Skeptics of my analysis can do their own at Real Clear Politics.

David Thiessen


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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