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Letter: President Biden, one year later

Years ago, there was a TV program called, “You Asked for It.” Well, Biden supporters got what they asked for, and apparently many of them are happy about it. One wonders what they like about his administration so far. Skyrocketing inflation, the worst in 40 years? The canceling of the Keystone Pipeline and drilling on federal lands, forcing him to beg OPEC to drill more oil? The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, needlessly causing the lives of 13 members of the military and the desertion of American citizens and allies, the ones he promised to get out? The billions of dollars’ worth of equipment left behind, paid for with taxpayer money? Vaccine mandates, which he had promised to never put in place? All the lies he has told, including the ones he told in his recent speech in Georgia, claiming that the red states are trying to bar people from voting? Calling anyone who disagrees with derogatory names, even though he promised to unify the country? The trillions of dollars added to our national debt? Encouraging the Justice Department to treat parents like domestic terrorists if they attend school board meetings and express their discontent with the curriculum their children are being taught? The list could go on and on. One wonders how much more damage he and the vice president can do in the next three years. Happy Biden voters?

Barbara Klein


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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