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Letter: Remember the ladies

To the Editor:

We are coming up upon Memorial Day weekend. This year, we have a war going on in Ukraine that will not let us forget the suffering and death people undergo to protect their country and liberty. Whether it be a simple prayer of thanksgiving for the sacrifice of others, a grave decoration or perhaps getting out the scrapbook to see a picture again, may this weekend be memorable.

I do have a further suggestion. Our book club has just read “Founding Mothers” by the late journalist Cokie Roberts. The subtitle is “The Women who Raised our Nation.” It is an entertaining, but highly informative book, in which we discover that besides keeping the home fires burning, the women promoted the movement toward independence. They carried supplies to the front lines and gave support to the men. Although women were not allowed to hold office, there was a phrase that said much: “Remember the ladies.”

I can’t resist telling of one incredible young lady. Left at home when only 16, Eliza Lucas Pinckney kept three plantations going and invented the process of growing the plant to make indigo. Mercy Otis Warren was a prolific writer – remember no cellphones or internet. However, Deborah Franklin did keep the primitive postal system going while Benjamin had fun being a diplomat, as well as an inventor. In short, what we now cherish as the “United” States of America had to be formed together out of those 13 separate colonies. Read the book and you, too, will “Remember the ladies.”

Rev. Bob Dell


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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