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Letter: Startling headline

To the Editor:

A headline in Saturday’s Trib certainly caught my eye: Here it is: ” Biden should pardon Trump – for the sake of the nation.”

It is provocative and actually has thoughtful ideas well presented. If you stay with it, it is not ridiculous. I will not try to cover all the points, but encourage you t to read it The author, David McGrath, refers to the pardon of then President Nixon over the Watergate problem. He suggests that bringing Trump to trial could have violent results. Before you get too “het up” consider his point that a pardon would only be on the basis of Trump conceding the election and, secondly, admit his responsibility for the Jan. 6 insurrection.

McGrath concludes, for the sake of the country, Biden should hold his nose and pardon Trump, and then admits, “I held mine writing this op-ed.”

When I heard a commentator say that Trump still has a lock on the Republican Party, my concern for the democracy goes way up.

Rev. Bob Dell


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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