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Letter: The red haired little boy

To the Editor:

You see, we were at the airport in Bozeman, Montana, about to return home when our flight was delayed by bad weather in Chicago. Quite a group of us were standing around waiting for the weather to clear when a small child, perhaps 3 or 4 years old, decided to enjoy this interlude. Dressed in a green shirt, broken arm in a cast, and red hair flying , he made friends with Joyce and seemed not at all shy about relating to strangers. His mother kept an eye on him, of course, but she did not hover. The boy had a sucker, which he proudly showed us and then he would dash away to show to some other beleaguered traveler.

On this trip we found so many people who were ready to help with luggage, open a door and more. After our flight was finally canceled, a lady took out her phone and went right to work getting us booked on a flight for the next day. Joyce and I were each put into wheelchairs so we could make it down those incredible long hallways at O’Hare and Denver. It seemed like miles. Our pushers were so friendly that we felt like family. While the TV reminds us of evil deeds – even war – we found so many helpers that our faith in innate human goodness was given a real boost.

We would be happy to share stories about this trip – the snow-covered mountains around Bozeman, the family reunion, and more, but enough for now; it has been a long day.

Rev. Bob Dell


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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