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Letter: Tony Colatorti brings ‘superior’ knowledge, ability in law enforcement

I’m a retired police officer of 35 years, 25 of those with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department. I’ve worked alongside Tony Colatorti in that time. I’ve worked with and for him after my retirement. His knowledge and ability in law enforcement is superior and I believe McHenry County needs a positive change in its sheriff.

McHenry County doesn’t respond to calls for service to villages that have a part-time police department. Callers are told, “You’ll have to call your department when they come back on.” This policy has been in effect since Sheriff Prim has been in office and I don’t see it changing if Robb Tadelman is elected sheriff. These villages pay taxes to the county and they should be getting the services even though they have a part-time police department.

Jim Walton

Island Lake

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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