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Letter: Tribute to Betty White

Betty White brought us so much joy — as a brilliant Password player, Sue Ann Nivens, and Rose Nyland. Yet despite her accolades as “the first woman of television,” she remained humble and kind — for which her peers admired and loved her. She devoted her life to her craft and animal welfare. She was a Democrat and open-minded Christian. I, as many, will miss knowing she is no longer with us. She was such a beloved American icon.

I dread the passing of other universal icons — Queen Elizabeth and Pope Francis. Queen Elizabeth has led a lifelong devotion to her country with a steadfastness, no-drama manner, as opposed to the divisiveness and meanness we see encouraged by the right-wing in our country. And Pope Francis — what a breath of fresh air, a saint? He has done his best to try to bring more compassion and acceptance of all God’s children into the Catholic church.

Let us all be thankful for these wonderful people.

Nancy Peterson


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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