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Letter: Turning a blind eye

To the Editor:

According to the Washington Post, Republican senators earlier this month broke off bipartisan talks on legislation to help the U.S. compete with China on semiconductor chips. The reason? They objected to a bill Democrats wanted to pass to lower drug prices. So, Americans won’t get affordable access to their prescription drugs, and chipmakers won’t get the support they need to compete globally. The belief seems to be that even though this will hurt Americans, it will help Republicans in November.

C-Span reported last month that over 200 Republican House members tried to vote down a resolution to investigate price gouging in the oil and gas industry (HR7688). And, nearly 200 House Republicans opposed putting a cap on insulin prices (HR6833) or providing emergency funding to alleviate suffering brought on by the shortage of baby formula (HR7790).

Say “This version of the Republican Party really doesn’t like Americans,” without actually saying it.

And if Republicans currently in Congress are turning a blind eye to the needs of Americans, what evidence suggests a newly elected Republican would be any different?

John Morello


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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