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Letter: ‘Vote American, not Republican’

How many times have we read an opinion from a reader who accuses a particular news outlet of being bias for presenting a factually true news story? I’m often beside myself with amazement as I muscle through reading some of those outlandish opinions. Is it me, or does it seem that whenever a new story does not favor Trump or the Republican Party, some Republicans consider it “liberal bias”?

On that note, the country is finally getting to witness the findings of the bipartisan Jan. 6 Special Committee investigation into the Trump-led attempted coup. These hearings are history being made. The Capitol was overrun by Trump’s mob, many people were injured and several persons died as a direct result of this lawlessness. These hearings are so big, they are being covered live by every major news network in the country, except Fox News. Is that not bias?

Why did Fox News choose to avoid these historic hearings? Could it be because they don’t want their viewers to learn the truth?

The folks who accuse a news outlet of being biased simply for telling a factually true news story should look in their own backyard. The truth is out there, even if it is painful to accept.

Vote American, not Republican.

Ken Yanko


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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