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Letter: Vote Collins for McHenry County Board

The McHenry County Board is an often misunderstood branch of county government.

Ask many citizens and they could not tell you the job of the County Board nor could they name their representative.

After carefully following the issue surrounding the Pride flag resolution that seemed to consume the board over the past several weeks, I can say with confidence, excitement and enthusiasm that my McHenry County Board representative is none other than John K. Collins. John stood before a conservative leaning body and was an eloquent, compelling and compassionate advocate for the LGTBQ community. Although his resolution did not get passed, it was thrilling to see a representative of McHenry County fight so passionately for what he felt was away to show the citizens of McHenry County that all are welcome here. I will proudly vote in the primary on June 28 for John K. Collins to retain his County Board seat. He has proven himself to be an irreplaceable and essential member to the County Board.

Please join me in voting on for John K. Collins, an advocate for all.

Lauren Brundage

Crystal Lake

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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