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Letter: Vote for our planet

I grew up in the country where we enjoy nature. As kids, we rode horses. We played with garden snakes and were so enthralled we let them crawl all over us, even through our clothes. If a neighbor permitted us (or if they didn’t) to climb an apple or cherry tree we’d eat ourselves sick.

As a teen I traveled many parts of Wisconsin. The smell of pine, the deep green colors and the oxygenated air now feel spiritual to me. In our daily hustle and bustle, most of us barely notice nature. Could it really be that we’re destroying all this?

Half of all species are at risk of extinction by 2100. We’ve lost one third of our forests. Consider forests as just one example. They are so much more than lumber. They are our lungs and regulatory system for our climate and oceans. They are the backbone of our planet. They are the future health and well being of our children and future generations. They are the medicine cabinet of the world. Our forests and all our species must become most sacred to our human race for they are the way to save our planet. Please vote to save our planet.

Susan Beyler

Eagle, Wisconsin

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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