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Letter: Wake up, America

To the Editor:

Autocracy isn’t freedom. Putin is a killer, war criminal and an autocrat. America has always supported freedom over autocracy until Trump and his foreign administration came along with four years of filling the bank accounts of the rich and greedy, then giving America a big dose of autocracy by trying to steal a election by taking away the votes Americans cast in a fair election that many brave heroes fought and died for.

Americans’ lives were lost with no remorse from Trump and the ones who still support what he did. Trump should be thrown in jail for what he did to this country. Whoever supported the attempted coup should be thrown out of office to protect our democracy. Other countries can’t believe what Trump got away with, as do I.

Trump, Tucker Carlson, and many Republicans in office still support Putin, calling him smart and a great leader. Smart and a great leader? Ask the Russians that when they have no country left and have to stand in line for a day just to get a loaf of bread.

Wake up, America. Our choices are being taken away daily. Trump, Fox News, and many Republicans still in office could care less about democracy. The brainwashing of the false information Fox News spreads feeds the autocratic world. Taking away choices like health care isn’t freedom. Taking away books in school, gay rights, women’s rights, civil rights, is Taliban policy, not America’s.

America needs to look out for the children of this country, to make sure they grow up with the freedoms we had and not with the autocratic policies that the Republican Party has embraced.

Randy Moore


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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