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Letter: We need noncombative dialogue about paying a fair share

To the Editor:

We need to start noncombative dialogues to educate the general public.

I think this is a good example:

“Do you support our troops and our veterans?”

(I think that most people will explain how patriotic they are.)

“That’s great. They also need financial support. I pay my fair share to the federal government. Currently 11% of the taxes go to the defense of our country.”

(Maybe they will explain how much they do or don’t financially support our troops and veterans.)

“If you don’t pay any federal taxes, you are not supplying so much as a bullet for our troops or an insulin shot for a disabled veteran. It doesn’t matter how much you display your patriotism if you don’t financially support our troops and veterans.”

The interest paid on the national debt each year is almost equal to the entire defense budget and the debt continues to increase. We need the citizens to understand that we need tax reform so that the wealthy and corporations pay a fair share because they use the bulk of our tax-supported services. If you don’t pay any federal taxes, you are just taking from this country and not adding anything toward its survival.

No one should be allowed to be in Congress or be able to purchase congressional influence if they don’t financially support our country.

John Slonneger, Sterling

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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