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Letter: Well Quest project’s long-term consequences

I’m not against economic development. The Well Quest project has potential, but what are the long-term consequences? Can our current infrastructure support it? Is it environmentally friendly? Will it affect the neighboring residential property values and taxes? Is it sustainable?

Criteria should be met when considering any proposal for the development of the Die Cast site. Our police department is currently underfunded, public works is understaffed and fire and rescue could be taxed to the limit.

Questions need to be asked or answered:

  • What energy source would be utilized to power these units? I’m for clean energy and added solar panels to my house with enormous benefit.
  • Will vehicle-charging stations be provided? Studies show that within 10 years, 40% of vehicles will be either hybrids or electric.
  • Has a traffic study been done to show the impact on Clay, Madison, Benton, Church and Washington streets? To access essential services, i.e., groceries, pharmacies, Social Security, medical care, etc., a vehicle is essential.
  • Will alternate means of transportation be provided?
  • Will the parking garage be just for tenants or will it be available to all, and will they impose a parking fee?
  • Will there be restrictions on occupancy, i.e., a limit per unit and age?
  • What restricts the landlord from lowering the rent from “affordable housing” to “low rent” or Section 8?

No matter the immediate economic impact, this property should be utilized for the betterment of all. The Die Cast site is our property and should benefit everyone who pays taxes.

Mark Indyke


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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