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Letter: What will we celebrate on July 4?

The history of the United States has had many repeated injuries and usurpations all having the direct object of becoming once again a colony of the British Empire. To prove this, let a few facts be submitted to a candid world.

Alexander Hamilton, architect of the First National Bank, was set up and murdered by the Anglophile Arron Burr. The fight to reestablish economic sovereignty has never stopped.

The Federal Reserve Bank is not federal, but an extension of the City of London, the financial district that controls most of the world’s financial services. Its outpost in America, Wall Street, flourishes as the bubble of speculative worthlessness grows exponentially.

The Special Relationship created after WWII has seen the United States plod around the world as the Dumb Giant doing Britain’s bidding in their never-ending geopolitical nightmare of endless warfare.

Prime Minister Tony Blair’s lies about weapons of mass destruction allowed the Strategy for a New American Century of endless wars and regime changes necessary against any nation opposed to the American-Anglo hegemony be implemented.

Prince Phillip once said that were he to be reincarnated, he wished to return as a deadly virus in order to reduce world population. Prince Charles’ Great Reset aims to lower world population to 1 billion.

The Declaration of Independence was and remains the biggest break in the history of mankind away from oligarchic rule and towards a more perfect union. Break with Britain once again.

Nicholas Kockler


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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