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Letter: What would you say to God?

What if God was among us?

Maybe he’d be a farmer, truck driver, teacher or nurse. Would he be a family man, a Catholic, Baptist or Lutheran? Would he attend church regularly, attend his children’s parent-teacher conferences? Would he have many friends, play golf or tennis? Would he be involved in volunteer work helping the poor and disenfranchised? Would he be political and be a Democrat, Republican or independent?

Would he be pro-choice or anti-abortion? Would he support school lunch programs and safety nets for mothers and children? Would he get his children and himself vaccinated? Would he be a gun owner and have a concealed carry permit? Would he believe in equal taxation for those at the top? Would he admire dictators Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un and Viktor Orban as strong leaders? What would immigration reform look like for him? Would he seek to expand voter participation or put limits on it? Would he see women as leaders in government or should they be home-makers?

Would he be white, black, yellow or brown? Could He instead be a She? If he would ask you to join him and be your brother’s keeper, what would you say?

George Wen

Delavan, Wisconsin

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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