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Letter: Where is the U.S.?

To the Editor:

Where is a Harry Truman today? North Korean armored divisions headed toward Pusan after Seoul was over-run. Under-trained Japanese occupation divisions sacrificed, but the Korean civil war resolved in favor of the victim despite the risk of a wider war.

Putin empowered himself crushing Chechen separatism. He furthered his political ascendency by annexing half of Georgia and destroying its democracy. Next came Armenia. Then the bloody conquest of eastern Ukraine and the Crimea. As in the case of Hitler: the reoccupation of the Chinaland contrary to treaty with no military response by France and Britain, then the Sudatenland, by abandonment of the Czechs and finally a gesture sitzcreig when Poland was invaded. May 10, 1940 was the final result.

Where is a U.S. airborne division to save Kyiv? And mechanized divisions headed to Kharkov and Crimea? Our carriers in the Black Sea? A by-product might be a non-nuclear Iran and a more helpful NATO.

As another dictator might have inquired, how many divisions have “sanctions”?

Alphonse I. Johnson


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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