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Letter: Who pays for the lawsuits?

As an Illinois taxpayer, I constantly wonder how our taxes and fees add up so quickly.

So after reading a story saying that Nunda Township Highway Commissioner Mike Lesperance is suing the township board of trustees, I ask the questions: Who pays for these lawsuits? Who pays the attorney fees? Who pays for all this waste?

Never mind just the absurdity of local government politics involving silly lawsuits. But who is left to foot the bill for all of it? I asked myself the same question when I read that Nunda Township was under investigation for misuse of taxpayer funds — an investigation that as far as we know is still underway. How much of taxpayer funds are misused?

Being a taxpayer in this state is tough. Being a taxpayer in McHenry County is even tougher, as we pay some of the highest property tax bills. It feels like a lot to ask Springfield to change its mess, but I’d at least hope we can clean up our own backyard and do better in Nunda Township and the rest of McHenry County. I urge the Northwest Herald to look into local governments’ balance sheets.

Donna Ocasek

Crystal Lake

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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