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Letter: Would be a nightmare

To the Editor:

I have been a resident of Oswego since 2013 and live in the Churchill subdivision on Millersburg Street. I currently back up to a field. There is a proposal for new apartment buildings to be built directly behind us and then to extend Wofford and Loradale roads to Route 34. By doing so it would bring in a heavy amount of traffic to our street.

We have young children who live in almost every house on our street, as well as many bus stops. We do not want our area to be another cut-through for people to speed through. We already have so many who speed down Bluegrass through our neighborhood to cut through traffic. Adding these extensions to the roads to get to Route 34 would be a nightmare for us and we do not want it.

I would appreciate you getting our concerns out to the public so more are aware of this very important issue. I have a 6- and 3-year-old who love to play outside. We work with them on looking both ways before crossing the street, but just the thought of bringing more traffic to our street makes me scared even further for their safety as well as the many other children in our area.

Amy Martino


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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