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Letter: YMCA pool water is too cold

We are Sage YMCA members since 2009. That tells you, how do we value this place.

December 2021 the YMCA told us the chief engineer was ordered to decrease the family pool temperature from 87 degrees to 85 degrees.

This decision is wrong, as family pool water was cold already.

It is cold in the change room, too.

By definition, a family pool has warm water. Cold water is for a competition pool.

Cooling it further will force kids and senior people to leave. Is that YMCA’s goal?

There are other ways to save money.

It was cold in the fitness center on Monday, Dec. 6, 2021, as well.

Starting Jan. 2 until Jan. 9, it is cold in the fitness center.

The majority of the fitness center lockers do not work since September 2021.

Sage YMCA management ignores my emails, as I tried to induce them to stop the disorder.

What is their goal: to force all the members to leave and close Sage YMCA?

Dr. Andrei Chugunov and Alexandra Chugunov


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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