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To the Editor:

Worst choice between presidential candidates in decades.  Combative, narcissistic, egotistical Trump versus glaringly demented, incompetent, brazenly corrupt and proven liar Biden.  Like him or not, I voted for Trump not based on persona but the following:

For another V-shaped economic recovery that lifts all boats, and gets minorities out of poverty and low income, crime-ridden neighborhoods.

Against higher taxes and a deluge of onerous regulations that will stifle entrepreneurship, and business and job growth.

For someone who knows that government run health care and socialism are both completely failed systems.

For someone who knows that defunding police is un-American nonsense, and for someone who will actually do something about crime, violence and looting in Democrat run cities.

For family safety and secure borders that prevent drug and human trafficking, and against protected havens for criminal illegal immigrants, i.e., Democrat run sanctuary cities.

For school choice and charter schools that are making significantly positive differences particularly in low-income communities.

For military strength as a powerful deterrent and for the historic shift orchestrated by Trump that will align Middle East countries against Iran.

For energy independence and against being held hostage by foreign oil interests and China.

It’s astonishing how many supposedly intelligent adults actually drink the Democrat Kool-aid to their own and our country’s demise.

Dennis Schwartz

Lake in the Hills

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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