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Local artist to host pop up event to benefit Princeton High School Art Department

Savanna Lasson, creator of Lil Bitty gallery, will host an artist pop up event from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, July 30, at 205 S. Main St. in Princeton.

Lasson describes Lil Bitty as “a space to find, share, learn about and purchase artwork.” However, she said, not everything is the traditional form of artwork people tend to think of.

“I don’t have many renaissance paintings, rather I have some funky stuff,” Lasson said. “Clothes, drawings, sculptures and songs. I’m not joking when I said I have a lil bit of everything.”

Local artists will have their work for sale with part of the proceeds from the event to be donated to the Princeton High School Art Department.

“I know when I was in high school we didn’t have an art club or anything,” Lasson said. “I’m not sure if that was related to funding or not. My friends and I wanted to raise money this summer and donate it so we decided that the high school would be a great place to start.”

Lasson, who aims to foster interest in the local art community, decided a good place to start is with the high school’s art department.

“I really want to promote art in small communities,” Lasson said. “Growing up I wasn’t big into sports and I wish there would’ve been more creative opportunities to keep me busy.”

Lasson hopes that this event could be the start of something bigger for arts in Princeton and could lead to more opportunities in the future.

“I’m hoping to be able to do more events like this in the future as I think it’s a great way to promote art and creative practice all around, starting with the school’s funding and allowing people a space to share their work.” Lasson said.

For information about the event, or Lil Bitty, go to

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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