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Local writers discuss their craft at library’s Author Fair

DeKALB – The most enthusiastic folks to show up for the Author Fair at the DeKalb Public Library on Saturday may have been the authors.

“When they first got started today, I was walking up the stairs, and it sounded like there were 100 people in the lobby. And I was like, ‘Oh good, really good turnout.’ And I go up there and it’s just all the authors talking to each other,” said the library’s public relations and events manager, Samantha Hathaway, who organized the event. 

“And that’s great, too. The authors love it. Nothing but positive feedback from the authors. I think they like that it’s a fairly relaxed atmosphere. The patrons, I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from them, as well.”

Beneath the library’s vaulted ceiling, the authors manned booths around the perimeter of the lobby.

Eight of the 14 authors were invited to give talks on a subject of their choosing in the Yusunas Meeting Room. The half-hour talks ran the duration of the event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Their talks covered different topics, from their own work to the craft of writing.

“Some of them are reading excerpts from their books. Some of them are speaking about what it’s like to be self-published. Some about their writing process,” Hathaway said. “Just about their journey and what their book is about. We’ve got a lot of nonfiction authors here who drew on personal experiences, so they’re just going to talk about that.” 

Tom Pisapia is the author of “Pottersville: Where Is the Bailey Building and Loan?” The book is a semi-autobiographical account of his work in the savings and loan industry.

Pisapia gave a talk titled, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” and he appeared to enjoy the opportunity to speak with potential readers about the real-world topics that inspired his book.

Some authors, such as historical supernatural mystery author Bambi Harris, used their booth to showcase their many books.

“I just write every day,” said Harris, who said she would be sending her 35th book to the publisher this week. “So I write about four books a year.”

Other authors, such as CL Gibson, whose psychological thriller, “The Urge,” released in September, had only one book to show (although a sequel, “The Grudge,” is on the way).

“You look at some books where it’s Stephen King with the clown in the sewer. Is that really gonna happen?” said Gibson, whose “The Devil’s Rules” series is set in and around DeKalb and Sycamore.

“People have said to me, ‘Oh my God, I could be sitting next to this person!’ ”

Luckily, the library gave local authors plenty of space.

“You really can’t promote [your writing] right if you don’t have the things behind you,” Harris said, gesturing to a sign behind her booth, which gave details on some of her most popular books. “Because it’s hard enough to approach a stranger for the readers.”

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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