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Most Kishwaukee College alumni staying in Illinois

MALTA – Students that go to Kishwaukee College tend to stay in Illinois after they graduate.

Almost three-quarters of Kishwaukee College students who earned an associate degree in 2015 from there earned another certificate or degree within four years, according to a Kishwaukee College news release, and 90% of those students enrolled in an Illinois college or university.

Almost half of transfers from Kishwaukee College went to Northern Illinois University, according to the release, while others enrolled at Illinois State University, Southern Illinois University, Aurora University and Governor’s State University.

The Illinois Board of Higher Education stated that in 2017, 48.4% of Illinois public high school graduates went to an out-of-state institution. Kishwaukee College is trying to stop the migration.

“When students begin at Kish, they are staying and contribute to the local and state economies,” said Laurie Borowicz, president of Kishwaukee College. “It is clear community colleges are a good investment in the local community and in the state of Illinois.”

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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