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Multiple detectives in DeKalb Police Department quarantined after COVID-19 exposure

DeKALB – Multiple detectives within the DeKalb Police Department are in quarantine after being exposed to COVID-19, DeKalb City Manager Bill Nicklas confirmed on Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, we had a number of detectives exposed and they are in quarantine,” Nicklas said Tuesday evening. “For obvious reasons, I can’t say who or how many, but the rumor is true.”

It’s unclear how many detectives in the department, and who else, if any, as a result has had to quarantine from the viral respiratory disease.

Nicklas declined to reveal details regarding the quarantine Tuesday, citing the need for public safety to not reveal the number of exposed officers or detectives. He also declined to clarify whether the detectives themselves tested positive or were in quarantine as a result of exposure to someone else who’d tested positive.

When asked whether this was the first instance of quarantine needed because of COVID-19 exposures in the police department since the pandemic began locally in March, Nicklas said no.

When asked whether the DeKalb Fire Department has had any similar quarantine or COVID-19 activity, Nicklas said yes, but declined to reveal details.

He said throughout the ordeals, the city carried out plans to ensure services weren’t strained and employees were supported.

“We’ve had the benefit of people in quarantine, and let’s say they haven’t tested positive but they don’t want to go home, we’ve been put up at the Hampton Inn for most of the summer, at no cost to us,” Nicklas said.

When asked whether other city staff outside of police or fire had tested positive or been exposed to date, Nicklas said he wasn’t aware of anyone who’d tested positive at City Hall, but precautions taken at the start of the pandemic were done so to ensure limited physical contact.

“We’ve had people who’ve been tested, but I don’t recall if anybody tested positive,” Nicklas said. “Early on we were platooning pretty widely, including in city hall where if we had two account clerks, one was working from home, one at City Hall.”

Nicklas said the city’s first responders have shifted their response protocols “really dramatically,” to mitigate spread from first responder to first responder or first responder to resident in need and vice versa, including wearing personal protective equipment.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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