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New trial granted for former youth pastor

SUGAR GROVE – A Sugar Grove man who formerly worked as a youth pastor for Harvest Bible Chapel in Aurora will be retried on a disorderly conduct charge.

The case against Paxton Singer will return to court as early as February.

Authorities said they are awaiting a status update hearing to set a new trial date.

In November, Judge Michael Noland motioned for a new trial and it was granted.

The judge’s order comes after a Nov. 12 ruling that found Singer not guilty of a Class A misdemeanor for sexual exploitation of a child, but guilty of a Class C misdemeanor for disorderly conduct.

Around that time, authorities said they wanted to review the latter charge to determine if it should be dismissed.

According to state statute, a person commits disorderly conduct when he/she knowingly commits any act in such an unreasonable manner as to alarm or disturb another and to provoke a breach of the peace.

Singer was arrested in October 2018, according to court records. A short time later, he was released after posting 10% of a $4,500 bond.

Before his arrest, Singer was fired from his position at Harvest Bible Chapel in January 2018.

Authorities allege that Singer exchanged Snapchat and text messages with students, requesting inappropriate images and asking personal questions.

A status update hearing is set for 1:30 p.m. Feb. 11.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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