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No new reported coronavirus cases in DeKalb County Sunday

The DeKalb County Health Department did not report any new cases of the novel coronavirus Sunday, leaving the total count of those who have tested postiive for COVID-19 at 73 locally.

According to the county health department, there are three confirmed cases in patients under 20, 17 in their 20s, 15 in patients in their 30s, 14 in their 40s, 14 in patients in their 50s (including one death), four in patients in their 60s and six in patients in their 70s.

In an email newsletter from the county health department Friday, the letter stated, “The number of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases does not represent an accurate number of cases in DeKalb County, because not all who have symptoms are being tested.”

The Illinois Department of Public Health lists cases and tests by zip code, and for the first time Saturday included the 60135 zip code, which includes Genoa. There are six cases confirmed and 48 tests performed for that zip code. The 60115 zip code has 31 confirmed cases and 278 tests performed, while the 60178 zip code has 12 confirmed cases and 147 test performed.

The IDPH on Sunday also reported there are now 43,903 confirmed cases in Illinois, with 1,933 deaths and 214,952 tests performed, a jump of more than 13,000 tests in the past 24 hours.

According to county data (which differs from the state health department in specificity), five municipalities have between one and five cases – Kingston, Esmond, Malta, Shabbona and Hinckley. Genoa, Cortland and Sandwich have between six and 10 cases, Sycamore has 11 to 15 cases and DeKalb has between 26 and 30 cases according to the county site.

A Kishwaukee College student also tested positive, along with a second NIU student who does not live in DeKalb County.

The first case in DeKalb County was announced March 21 and the first and only death April 6 of a man in his 50s.

According to a newsletter released by the county health department Friday, there have been 566 negative tests for COVID-19. With 70 positive cases, that totals around 630 DeKalb County residents who have been tested. DeKalb County’s population was 105,000 as of the 2010 Census.

Also according to the new data, 34 of the 70 cases have fully recovered, with 35 cases still within the recovery period and one death, a man in his 50s. According to the information sent last week, 31 cases had recovered.

Local recovery and COVID-19 testing data is being reported by the county health department weekly thus far, with new reports having come the past two Fridays via an email newsletter only.

Other data is unknown about the cases in the county, as public health officials and representatives of Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital have declined to provide any, citing the health privacy laws that prohibit any information be released that could identify the patient.

COVID-19 testing is being conducted at Northwestern Medicine health system hospitals and private lab facilities, including through Physicians Immediate Care and the Center for Family Health in Sycamore, which are prioritizing high-risk patients, first responders and health care workers and those experiencing severe symptoms.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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