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Northlawn teacher encourages students to unleash their inner artist

Artist Pablo Picasso once said “every child is an artist” and Josh Mettille is encouraging the students of Northlawn Junior High School in Streator to unleash their inner artist.

Northlawn students are scheduled for a nine-week exploratory art class where they learn about art and can hone their artistic skills under Metille’s guidance.

The focus of Mettille’s art class is to introduce the students to a diverse range of artists, teach them how to create art and how to experience it. Students will have the opportunity to use acrylic paint, clay, paper, and other fun materials.

When asked about the importance of art class in school, Mettille said: “I believe visual art is so important for all students to participate in. It fosters student to student relationships, gives them a space to make something of their own, and is important for their emotional needs as well.”

This is Mettille’s second year as an art teacher at Northlawn.

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Source: The Daily Chronicle

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