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Pearl City students worked on S.T.E.M. projects

Pearl City’s fourth grade classes have been working on some S.T.E.M. projects using specific criteria in a timed setting.

Their projects sustained the “testing” and performed as planned. After studying the engineering design process, Alison Brouhard’s class put it to the test to construct a model survival hut for a man stranded on a desert island.

“Their hut had to be at least 5 inches tall, be attached to a base no more than 36 square inches,  have a working door, and survive a windstorm without falling apart. The constraints were that they could only use the materials provided and they only had 45 minutes. There were some very creative designs and all 5 huts survived the windstorm,” said Pearl City Superintendent Brent Chrisman.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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