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Plainfield Crafty Crafters group donates over 500 mask extenders to Oswego School District 308

Oswego Community Unit School District 308 recently received over 500 hand knitted mask extenders from the Crafty Crafters of Carillon. The Crafty Crafters are a group of approximately 25 ladies who live in an over 55 community in Plainfield.

The group was formed over 20 years ago with the goal to knit and crochet items for various charities. Over the years, they have been able to provide infant-sized blankets for needy families, hats for chemotherapy patients, hats and scarves for the homeless and military personnel, baby hats for newborns in local hospitals, and much more. If they saw a need and the need could be filled by a knitted item, they went to work.

Prior to the pandemic, the crafters met every Wednesday in their community clubhouse. During the summer months, they began to meet in the clubhouse parking lot where they were able to socially distance themselves from each other. In August, a grandson of one of the knitters sent a picture of a mask extender which had been made by a co-worker’s mother. The member then knitted a couple samples of the extenders and brought them to Crafty Crafters to see if the group would be interested in making them for health care providers, first responders and school personnel. Seven of the knitters volunteered to take on this project. The mask extenders are about six inches long and one inch wide with a button on either end for the mask ear loops to hook onto.

Currently, over 5,000 extenders have been donated to 20 nursing homes, 5 hospitals, 1 police department and 3 school districts. Each donation was delivered to the recipient in a gift box with a note thanking the recipients for their service.

If you would like to contact the Crafty Crafters of Carillon, they can be reached via email at:

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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