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Property transfers for Whiteside, Lee and Ogle counties, filed Dec. 13-17

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Alvin and Gail Smith to Wade C. Kaufman, 202 S. Base St., Morrison, $67,000.

⋅ William A. and Phyllis Smith to Zoran Kalajdzic, 800 13th Ave., Fulton, $30,000.

⋅ Aaron B. and Sheli L. Buntjer to David A. and Dawn T. Spangler, 28702 Summer St., Rock Falls, $300,000.

⋅ David C. and Teresa L. Knie to Jonathan Strong, 202A Ninth Ave., Sterling, $150,000.

⋅ Janice L. Constanzo to Thomas and Karleen Crawford, 1017 Charles St., Rock Falls, $79,000.

⋅ Eisentraut Family Living Trust, Catherine Ann Shelley, trustee, to Maribeth and Greg Brewer, 17519 Hickory Hills Road, Sterling, $350,000.

⋅ Brandon P. and Karen Scudder to David S. Frye Jr. and Veronika R. Packard, 706 W. 12th St., Sterling, $117,000.

⋅ Larry W. Wetzell to Brandon L. Williams, 601 W. Fifth St., Rock Falls, $42,000.

⋅ Hide Away Hills to Ron Tuttle, one parcel on Quail Hollow Road, Fenton, $14,000.

⋅ Robert B. and Pamela Decker Vos to Carla G. Lira and Juan E. Arias Martinez, 307 E. Wall St., Morrison, $60,000.

⋅ Cassandra Vos and Kaylee Vos, now Thompson to Robert B. Vos, 307 E. Wall St., Morrison, $0.

⋅ Donald O. and Terese L. Wood to Joseph and Sandra Valdivia, 28594 Woodside Drive, Rock Falls, $3,000.

⋅ Ann M. and Richard E. Clark Jr. to Thomas E. and Shelly P. Stivers, 1504 Seventh Ave., Rock Falls, $75,000.

⋅ Alexandra L. Devries to David M. Devries Jr., 1308 Second Ave. Sterling, $80,000.

⋅ Joseph P. McDonald to Katrina G. Klages, 403 E. Ninth St., Rock Falls, $82,000.

⋅ Brad L. and Kam Eilers to Melissa Engelkens, 1206 Long Court, Sterling, $142,000.

⋅ John S. Johnson to Paul and Julie Coskie, 15809 Golf Hills Drive, Sterling, $295,000.

⋅ Merrial J. Allison to Brent J. Dykema, farmland in Mt. Pleasant Township, $0.

⋅ Cindy L. Williams to Tiffany M. Zamarripa, 708 Ninth Ave., Rock Falls, $81,000.

⋅ Maria L. Huizenga Estate, Cynthia D. Imel, Sonny J. Wintjen, Laura S. Allen and Richard J. Huizenga to Michael S. and Cynthia D. Imel, 505 S. Grape St., Morrison, $80,000.

⋅ Gordon D., Bruce A. and James J. Zaagman to Joshua J. and Whitney M. Smith, 408 W. Winfield St., Morrison, $150,000.

⋅ Robert E. Miller to Jason Wagner, 1828 Second Ave., Sterling, $135,000.

⋅ Scott Lodor to Eric E. Bryant, 400 Ave. B, Rock Falls, $173,000.

⋅ Vonda V. Miller to Lori J. and Eddy R. Nicklaus, 206 18th Ave., Sterling, $18,000.

⋅ Derek Schrock to Leon J. and Sheila I. Hostetler, one parcel on Bell Road, Tampico, $80,000.

⋅ Sandra Lewandowski to Michael Cruz, 311 E. Fourth St., Rock Falls, $52,500.

⋅ James H. and Ruth Ann Sibley to Edwin E. Corona and Diane K. Mosher, 312 W. Sixth St., Prophetstown, $110,000.

⋅ US Department of Housing and Urban Development to Hernan Gudino and Miranda J. Zarecor, 1206 W. 19th St., Rock Falls, $30,100.

⋅ Rick L. and Sherry A. Venhuizen to Robert J. and Cathleen L. Vegter, 311 E. Lincolnway, Morrison, $160,000.

⋅ Cole D. and Morgan Blackburn to Ciara Dickson, 502 E. Third St., Rock Falls, $87,500.

⋅ Jennie I. Brauer to Matthew and Melissa A. Rowe, 24843 Emerson Road, Sterling, $220,000.

⋅ City of Fulton to Melanie and Manreet Kalyan, one parcel on 10th Avenue, Fulton, $3,001.

⋅ DME of Coleta LLC to Illinois Department of Transportation, 1846 N. Locust St., Sterling, $1,200.

⋅ G&K Properties LTD to Illinois Department of Transportation, 1814 Locust St., Sterling, $9,670.

⋅ Doris E. Nutt to Lenie E. and Jill E. Six, 902 E. First St., Lyndon, $78,000.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Mallie Voss to Sara L. Cole, 307 E. Morris St., Morrison, $0.

⋅ Archer Daniels Midland Co. to Union Pacific Railroad Co., one parcel in Garden Plain Township, $0.

Trustees deed

⋅ Lenore Atha Reiley Trust, Lenny S. Reiley, trustee, to Kory Summers, 310 E Ave., Prophetstown, $60,000.

Executor deeds

⋅ Bernard Houzenga Estate, Sheila A. Richmond, Debra M. Swanson and Dwayne A. Houzenga to William G. and Debra M. Swanson, 512 Anthony St., Morrison, $100,000.

⋅ Maurice D. Vandervinne Estate to Carla A. and Vincent W. Bush Trust, 17694 Malvern Road, Morrison, $2.8 million.


⋅ Mark D. Duchay Estate to Howard Phillip Lefevre, 208 Sixth Ave., Rock Falls, $32,000.

⋅ Whiteside County sheriff and Richard R. Sauer heirs, Cindy Sutherin, representative, to Community Loan Servicing LLC, formerly Bayview Loan Servicing, 306 Maple St., Prophetstown, $0.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s office

Lee County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Jay C. Boyles to Par 3 LLC, one parcel in Harmon Township, $300,000.

⋅ The Next Picture Show to Jon and Amy Bailey, 123 Lincoln Way, Dixon, $0.

⋅ Marvin and Karen Lofgren to Jeffrey A. and Therese A. Gee, 73 Wetherby Drive, Sterling, $379,500.

⋅ Kelly J. Kagay to Jeffrey L. and Cynthia L. Shaw, 851 Searls Road, Amboy, $120,000.

⋅ Janet Johnson to Steven T. Urda and Savannah S. Woods, 331 S. Viking Vie, Lee, $115,000.

⋅ David E. Smith to McLaughlin Sisters Farm LLC, one parcel in Wyoming Township, $142,875.

⋅ Dixon Habitat for Humanity to David and Brianna Kuhfus, 321 Sheridan Ave., Dixon, $0.

⋅ Leslie D. Lauzon to Edgar Mejia, 1676 Whitney Road, Franklin Grove, $91,000.

⋅ Veronica M. Ross to Caroline Y. Perryman, 704 W. Santee St., Sublette, $22,000.

⋅ Marla Schmidt, Carla Schrader and Clifford Sekse to Edward Hendley, 121 N. Lincoln Ave., Dixon, $65,000.

⋅ Midland States Bank to Caroline L. and James B. Cappel, 101 Independence Court, Dixon, $190,000.

⋅ Jeremiah V. Kresanek to Josef Sebastian and Amber Marie Davey, 516 Second Ave., Dixon, $107,000.

⋅ Michael and Diana Sharboneau to Patrick J. and Stacey E. Love, 457 Martin St., Dixon, $45,000.

⋅ Eric R. Blackburn to Austin H. VonHolten and Kylie Sandlin, 1323 Tilton Park, Dixon, $238,000.

⋅ Zachary and Emilee Henkel to Richard Hornung, one parcel in Lee Township, $260,000.

⋅ Laurie J. Joerger, Sherry A. Siragusa, and Sherry A. and Jeffrey L. Hoffman to Patrick and Brianna Fisher, 12 Perkins Road, LaMoille, $327,500.

⋅ Judith Bois to Nathan Heller, 1606 U.S. Route 52, Dixon, $77,000.

⋅ Stephen L. and Vanessa L. Marsh to Timothy D.F. Marsh, one parcel in May Township, $100,000.

⋅ Patrick and Brianna Fisher to Fargo Kelly and Courtenay Thornton, 2191 W. Montavon Road, Brooklyn, $325,000.

⋅ Robert E. and Cheryl L. Muller to Christopher M. and Aluinn C. Gunnon, 1424 Atkinson Road, Dixon, $397,025.

⋅ Levi and Deborah Kyker to Timothy J. Mundy, 619 Orchard St., Dixon, $92,000.

⋅ James E. and Susan E. Pratt to Up To Code Properties LLC, 1948 Sugar Grove Road, Dixon, $70,000.

⋅ St. Marys Cement US LLC to ZMM Industrial Properties LLC, one parcel in Dixon Township, $232,000.

⋅ Paul and Marla J. Scholl, Anna M. McClenthen and Ronald L. Henson Jr. to South Valley Properties, 619 Nachusa Ave., Dixon, $40,600.

⋅ Gavin C. and Peggy Glenn to Tim Lefevre, 1077 Brewster Road, Amboy, $105,000.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Jeffrey H. Blaine to Russell J. Kessler, 111 Carter Road, Ohio, $0.

⋅ Alexander Herrera and Judy Torres to Deisy Brito, block 22, lot 16, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,500.

⋅ Ed and Marion Jirsa to Elyda L. Mattern Revocable Declaration of Trust, Edward Jones Trust Co., trustee, one parcel in Franklin Grove Township and four in Nachusa Township, $0.

⋅ David L. Kremer to Tammy L. Wallace, 1116 Grandview St., Dixon, $0.

⋅ Dominga Plata and Minga Plata Snodgrass to Ariel and Adriana De La O, block 2, lot 105, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Trustee deeds

⋅ Russell J. and Vivian B. Jahnke Trust, Midland States Bank, trustee, to Cliffside Farms LLC, three parcels in Lee Center Township, $1,538,130.

⋅ Ramsdell Family Trust, Marcella E. and Randall W. Ramsdell, trustees, to Michael Bzdusek Jr., 407 Upham Place, Dixon, $115,900.

Executors deed

⋅ Earl J. Nauman, David J. and Danny J. Nauman, co-executors, to Katie and Michael Dunphy, one parcel in Amboy Township, $29,000.


⋅ Dorothy J. Hendrix to Darrell E. and Katherine E. Holbrook and Dea A. Shikes, two parcels in Hamilton Township and 20 in Nelson Township, $0.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Kenneth E. and Donna J. Scott to Lisa C. Scott and Katie B. Smith and Donna J. and Kenneth E. Scott Life Use, 145 Century Hill Drive, Oregon, $0.

⋅ Allen W. and Cheri L. Wickert to Christopher H. Ishman, 221 and 223 Wisconsin Lane, Dixon, $269,000.

⋅ Dennis M. and Sheryl K. Yard to Jeffrey T. and Kelly R. Steder, 8193 S. Main St., Grand Detour, $235,000.

⋅ Taylor Woodin and Nathan M. Millard to Cristina and Justin Biskohl, 610 W. Colden St., Polo, $186,500.

⋅ James D. Postlewaite and Susan L. Bauer to Brandon J. and Carly Meiners, 4500 S. Butternut Road, Oregon, $385,000.

⋅ Wendy D. Harriett to Vasile Rusu, 3422 S. Manor Drive, Oregon, $230,000.

⋅ Riger K. Hill to Alexander Hopkins, one parcel in Dement Township, $386,080.

⋅ Frederick C. Hill to Alexander Hopkins, one parcel in Dement Township, $386,080.

⋅ Janice Castillo to Jean Tabor, 401 Lake Lida Lane, Rochelle, $180,000.

⋅ Bronson and Jody Spradlin to Kurtis Rood, 872 Prairie Lily Lane, Davis Junction, $205,500.

⋅ Gerald A. and Judith J. Young to James B. and Tracy A. Young, 2212 W. Oregon Trail Road, Oregon, $260,000.

⋅ R.L. Gaul Properties LLC to Lois M. Barnhardt, 209 N. Campbell Ave., Polo, $85,000.

⋅ AJ Homes LLC to Bryce J. Brazee, 250 Hillcrest Ave., Rochelle, $123,000.

⋅ Groenewold Fur and Wool to Joshua D. Keister, 602 S. First Ave., Forreston, $140,000.

⋅ Todd E. Richmond to Emily Gauthier, 731 N. Eighth St., Rochelle, $38,000.

⋅ Freeman Family Limited Partnership to Rollin Green Estates LLC, four parcels in Flagg Township, Rochelle, $2,014,514.

⋅ Warren A. Johnson to Lucas and Radeance Grover, 7143 E. Flagg Road, Ashton, $175,000.

⋅ Ted Gesin to Anthony Edward Antoine, 208 N. McKendrie St., Mt. Morris, $154,900.

⋅ Bradley S. and Barbara J. Bunting to Natalie Lyon and Yordany Rosario Calderon, 6791 N. Leaf River Road, Mt. Morris, $220,000.

⋅ Swift Transportation Co. of Arizona Inc., Central Refrigerated Service Inc. and Swift Refrigerated Service LLC to Chicago Title Land Trust Co Tr8002387517, 1080 and 1100 S. Seventh St., Rochelle, $3.4 million.

⋅ James E. Moser to Lolas Farm Inc., three parcels in Byron Township, $1,262,500.

⋅ Ruth Ann Moser to Lolas Farm Inc., three parcels in Byron Township, $1,262,500.

⋅ Paul R. Moser to Lolas Farm Inc., three parcels in Byron Township, $1,262,500.

⋅ Thomas L. Moser Revocable Trust, Thomas L. Moser, trustee, to Lolas Farm Inc., three parcels in Byron Township, $1,262,500.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Jennifer Bunger to JB Profit Sharing Trust, 402 N. Third St., Rochelle, $0.

⋅ Brett R. Bunger to JB Profit Sharing Trust, 402 N. Third St., Rochelle, $0.

⋅ Brett R. Bunger to JB Profit Sharing Trust, 609 N. Third St., Rochelle, $0.

⋅ Dennis W. Schneider and Deanna M. Fidder to Deanna M. Fidder and Timothy W. Fidder, 109 W. Third St., Byron, $54,250.

⋅ Dennis W. Schneider and Deanna M. Fidder to Dennis W. Schneider, 10722 N. Pecatonica Road and 301 N. Walnut St., Byron, $0.

⋅ Jonathan and Tammy Landry to Dan and Jennifer Foster, 575 S. Second St., Rochelle, $125,000.

⋅ Dennis Freeman and Dianne McDermott to Freeman Family Limited Partnership, one parcel in Flagg Township, Rochelle, $0.

⋅ Mitchell Katlus to MLK Property Rentals LLC, one parcel in Oregon, $0.

Trustee deeds

⋅ Evelyn M. Bearrows Trust, Thomas R. Bearrows, trustee, to Keith and Marguerite Pontnack, 203 Drake Ave., Rochelle, $215,000.

⋅ Stillman Banccorp Trust 0024, Stillman Banccorp, trustee, to Andrew and Stephanie Leverentz, one parcel in Byron Township, $170,000.

⋅ Ellen M. Hill Trust 1, Frederick C. Hill, trustee, to Alexander Hopkins, one parcel in Creston, $290,795.

⋅ Jan Mansfield Revocable Trust, Jan Mansfield, trustee, to Matthew and Dawn Merrill, 269 Parkview Drive, Oregon, $20,000.

Executors deed

⋅ Estate of Marlene A. Spring, the late Marlene A. Spring by executor to Laura Kasper, 2673 N. Lynnville Court, Stillman Valley, $90,000.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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