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Sen. Johnson advises residents to take steps to prevent residential fires

BUFFALO GROVE – State Sen. Adriane Johnson is reminding Illinois residents to test, inspect expiration dates, change the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and replace any broken or expired devices.

In 2014-2018, the National Fire Protection Association reports almost three out of every five home fire deaths in the U.S. resulted from fires in homes with no smoke alarms or nonworking smoke alarms.

“Fires can happen in the blink of an eye and result in abrupt, tragic loss,” said Johnson, D-Buffalo Grove. “Proper preparation can be pertinent to survival and fire prevention.

A 2017 Illinois law requires 10-year sealed smoke alarms to be installed in all homes built before 1988 or that do not have hardwired smoke detectors by Jan. 1, 2023. Programs such as “Be Alarmed!” provide 10-year, concealed battery smoke alarms to Illinois residents through their local fire departments and staff can aid with obtaining and installing these required alarms.

The program focuses on fire safety education and smoke alarm installation and is administered mutually through the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance and the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal.

“Be Alarmed!” emphasizes education for Illinois residents on the dangers of residential fires and how to prevent fires from occurring in the home. The program also offers demonstrations on how to properly install smoke alarms.

“Functioning smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms have been proven to save lives,” Johnson said. “As winter approaches, now is the time to ensure that your CO and smoke alarms are operating properly.”

To learn more about the “Be Alarmed!” program, visit

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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