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Sheriff’s Office warns residents about ruse burglaries in area

WAUKEGAN — Northeastern Illinois has seen an increase in “ruse burglaries:” over the past several weeks, according to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

A ruse burglary is a distraction technique used to lure homeowners outside of their home. After the homeowner is outside the home and distracted by one person, others enter the home, typically stealing items such as cash, jewelry, and other valuables.

The thieves use many excuses to lure homeowners outside the home, including claims of being subcontracted by local government, ploys of a broken pipe, schemes for landscaping services such as tree trimming, fence line questions and so forth, police said.

In addition to luring homeowners outside the home, some thieves will divert homeowners’ attention inside their home. There are also instances when offenders will remain inside with homeowners, distracting them inside their residence, while other individuals will enter the home.

Senior citizens are frequently the intended target of these crimes, police said.

Here are a few additional reminders:

* Never allow anyone inside your home without a prescheduled appointment

* If an individual claims affiliation with your local government, ask the person to produce identification and call the government office to verify the individual

* Do not exit your home with an unscheduled visitor, leaving your home and valuables unattended

* Keep an extra watch on elderly neighbors and family members reminding them of these types of criminal behaviors

* Educate your relatives and neighbors (especially the elderly), informing them ruse burglaries are on the increase in Lake County

* Immediately report any suspicious activity by calling 911

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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