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Somonauk students will not attend in-person until at least Oct. 23

All learning will be remote at the Somonauk School District until Oct. 23 after at least one staff member and a student have tested positive for COVID-19 and a dozen other staff members are in quarantine.

The decision was made jointly between the teachers union and administration.

The district will offer two remote learning options. One will be a traditional e-learning program during the school day with teachers and the other will be an online self-paced program with hired “coaches,” according to administrators. The self-paced program may work best for “families who are unable to follow a traditional schedule due to day care or work conflicts,” administrators said.

The goal is to return to in-person instruction through a hybrid program mixed with remote learning, but a decision to return to hybrid learning will not occur until the end of the grading period Oct. 23.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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